40th Anniversary Edition of Struvé & Sneff Cassette

So September 2019 marked the 40th anniversary of when we first made the Struve Sneff album publically available – it was a hand-made cassette album that was first sold from a local record store in Portsmouth.

To commemorate this, the US label blocGlobal have made a specially re-mastered cassette edition of the album reproducing the original packaging as closely as possible. To accompany this we have written up our comprehensive recollections of how the album came about and illustrated them with various photos. This is presented as a 36 page booklet. Finally we printed and personally signed a promo card, these items are all contained in a special slipcase.

The edition is 200 numbered copies only and these are being distributed to be available, as we understand it, in select UK and US retail outlets. As soon as we have knowledge of these outlets we will post it here.

Unlike previous RATL releases, this one is not available direct by mail order, but we will give as much help to fans to locate copies as we can.

There is a promo video made by blocGlobal on our YouTube channel here.